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Ultra large fiber laser metal cutting machine

1.Working area: 12000mm*3000mm/20000mm*4000mm
2.Fiber power: 4000w-30000w

Product Description

The products adopt CypCut full-function CNC system, the bed is honeycomb carbon structure, and the beam is made of aviation aluminium precision welding; the whole bed is welded with high strength and stability, and the running speed of the machine can reach 60 m/min, which can realize the flying fast cutting technology. 

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Product Parameters

Model SF12030R/SF20040R
Working area 12000mm*3000mm/20000mm*4000mm
Laser power 4000W-30000W
X/Y axis positioning accuracy


X/Y axis repeated positioning accuracy





ultra large fiber laser cutting machine

ultra large laser cutting machine

Optional graphite anti-burning funnel, prevent deformation.

fiber laser cutter

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