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Servo Electric Press Brake Machine

The intelligent CNC automatic panel bending machine/press brake machine is an equipment for processing thin plates.
  • BDC-1800
  • 25800

Product Description

The servo electric press brake is an equipment for processing thin plates. Its structure mainly includes a tool holder, worktable, a clamping feeding device and a CNC operating table. The worktable is composed of a base and a clamping piece feeding structure. The workpiece is positioned and clamped on the worktable and delivered to the processing position through the feeding mechanism, and the bending tool is driven by the tool holder to process the workpiece.

The machine body processing by high precision temperature control tempering furnace to completely release the internal stress of welding, ensure it will not easy to deform and the stability of the equipment. The full servo control system can ensure more stable feeding. The bending tool can complete the shape of non-right angle, right angle, circular arc, pressing dead edge, etc



Technical Parameters

Model BDC-1800/BDC-2000/BDC-2500
Bending Length 1800mm/70.86inches
Maximum Bending Height 170mm/6.69inches
Minimum Bending Height 6mm/0.23inches
Minimum Molding Size of Four Sides 260mm*260mm
Minimum Size of Unilateral Molding 160mm
Minimum Arc Radius 1.2mm
Minimum Continuous Bending Speed 0.2S
Bending Angle 0-180
Maximum Feeding Speed 120m/min
Outline size(mm) 5000*2600*2900
Machine Total Weight(KG) 15000
Total Power 75KW
Average Power 3KW

Bending material and thickness in millimeters (mm)/inches (inch)

Steel Maximum Thickness Steel Maximum Thickness
Carbon steel(mm) 1.5 Carbon steel(inch) 0.059
Stainless steel(mm) 1.2 Stainless steel(inch) 0.047
Aluminum (mm) 2.5 Aluminum (inch) 0.098


Application and Samples

What’s the Industry Application of Servo Electric Press Brake?

The Servo Control Metal Bending Machine is specialized for  Kitchenware, air conditioners, elevators, fans, ceiling curtain walls, office furniture, cabinets, etc.

Bending Samples


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