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  • Oct
    [FAQ] Is the cutting speed of fiber laser cutter the sooner the better?

    When using a fiber laser cutter, cutting speed is an important factor that affect cutting affect. Is the cutting speed of laser cutter the sooner the better? Today LEIMING LASER will tell you.When the cutting speed is too fast, it will cause the following undesirable results.

  • Aug
    [FAQ] How to use fiber laser cutter safely

    Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in many machinery industries. For users, it is very important to use fiber laser cutter safely. Here are some measures to improve the safety of using machine.

  • Jun
    [FAQ] Tips for preventing dewing of fiber laser cutter generator

    In hot summer, fiber laser cutting machine generator is easy to dew because of the frequent rainfall. Under this circumstances,its performance will be greatly reduced. Customers must pay attention to preventing this phenomenon when using fiber laser cutter. So what does dewing mean?

  • Aug
    [FAQ] IPG 6000w Metal Laser Cutter

    Leiming laser manufacture fiber metal laser cutter from power 300w to 6000w,now let us study the cutting thickness of the IPG 6000w Other information about the different fiber laser power,just e-mail us to ,or add whatsapp:+8615165021590 .

  • Jul
    [FAQ] Technical Proposal for 750W Raycus Fiber Laser Cutter -Leiming Laser

    This morning Leiming aftersales service engineer shared us the technical proposal for 750w racus fiber laser cutter,we learned a lot and know more about this kind machine.This proposal explains clearly about the cost and consumes,I belive you can find something useful.Now I tell something about LM3015G 750w fiber laser cutter

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