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  • Jan
    [News] New generation fiber metal laser cutter,newer design and better performance

    In recent 10 years, the laser industry and scientific research and technology developed rapidly at home and abroad, quickly promote the development of laser processing. LEIMING laser continue to break through in products and technologies.In 2018 we launched the fourth generation fiber laser metal cutter

  • Nov
    [FAQ] Five differences of fibre laser cutting machine and CNC punch press

    Nowadays, with the market demand for the rapid replacement of product requirements, the market need processing equipment with higher flexibility . The application of fibre laser cutting machine brought the processing industry to a new vitality.

  • Oct
    Price of fiber laser machine LEIMING

    When we want to buy something,price is an important factor to consider.So today i am to share some information about the price of fiber laser machine , because so many visitor asked it.

  • Oct
    [Application] Fiber laser cutting machine for metal chair processing industry

    Last week, we received an enquiry from Russia which showed that customer Peter wanted to buy a fiber laser cutting machine. Our sales manager Pavel who is in charge of Russia market replied his enquiry soon. After a few e-mails, Pavel knows that Peter is a purchasing manager who has been engaged in

  • Jul
    [FAQ] Cutting Thickness of 1000W Fiber Laser Machine Leiming

    Many Leiming customers are not clear about what fiber power they need for cutting their materials,look at the following table for introducing cutting thickness of 1000w fiber laser machine.The 1000w fiber laser is made from Raycus

  • Jul
    [Application] Leiming Fiber Laser Metal Cutter Applied in Kitchen Ware

    Types of kitchen ware of food preparation containers, commonly found in a kitchen.There are many choices of materials for cookware ,cabinetand bakeware items ,for example,aluminum,coper,stainless steel,carbon steel.The thickness is more or less 1-2mm.In order to cut these thin metal with high precis

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