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  • Jul
    [Application] Customer case of fiber laser cutter supplier LEIMING

    Yesterday, our Thailand customer Mario came to our factory to see our fiber laser cut. He has been to Shanghai International Industry Fair to visit our machine before. After watching our machine made a proof, he was satisfied with our 2000W LM3015H3 full cover fiber laser equipment.

  • Jun
    [Application] Customer from Turkey visit LEIMING LASER

    Today, our Turkey customer Barney visit our factory. He has been engaged in advertisement industry for 8 years. He want to buy a fiber laser cutting machine to make metal billboards. Our sales manager Jackie recommended 1000W LM2513G metal fiber laser cutting machine to him. This machine can cut thi

  • Jun
    [Application] Cabinet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    The cabinet is usually made of cold-rolled steel or alloy for the storage of computers and related control equipment. Cabinet can be process by fiber laser cutting machine. Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used to cut thin metal materials. Our machine adopt imported Cypcut servo system and impo

  • Jun
    [FAQ] The Solutions to Solve Edge Burning of Fiber Laser Cutter

    Fiber laser cutting machine will produce large amounts of heat when cutting sheet metal, under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will be spread along the slit into the processed sheet metal to get the full cooling. In the thick plate cutting, it may cause edge burning for heat accu

  • May
    [FAQ] How to Judge the Quality of a Fiber Laser Cutter

    Many factors can influence the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine. Such as cutting speed, focus position, auxiliary gas pressure and laser power are four important variables. In the cutting process, if you find that the cutting quality get worse, we must check the discussed above and deb

  • May
    [Application] The Application Scope of Fiber Laser Cutter

    Many people think that laser cutting machine can cut various of materials. Actually not, laser cutting machine have special cutting type of division, each cutting machine have its advantages and disadvantages. The following are the detailed analysis. First, fiber laser cutting machine only can cut m

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