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  • Sep
    [Application] The advantages of fiber laser cutter when process metal screen

    Many families have metal screen, it have functions to decoration, occlusion, separation and so on. Metal screen can process by fiber laser cutting machine, because fiber laser cutter have follow advantages.First, it uses CNC programming, can processing any complex plane pictures arbitrarily. Next,

  • Aug
    [Video] Steel fiber laser cutting machine for metal words cut

    Nowadays, metal words are widely used in advertising industries. Metal words can be cut by fiber laser cutting machine. Here is a video to show steel fiber laser cutting machine to cut 2mm ss metal words. shipinLEIMING fiber laser cutting machine are widely used in many industries. Our machine also

  • May
    [News] The Dragon Boat Festival Holiday Happy-LEIMING LASER

    The Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming, it is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar. On the Dragon Boat Festival, LEIMING LASER will have 3 days holiday from May. 28th to 30th(Sun. to Tues.), May 31st(Wednesday) is our working day. During our holiday, w

  • May
    [FAQ] Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Fire Prevention Measures

    When using fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal sheet, it can produce high heat, if you do not pay attention to, fire can happen easy. Therefore, be sure to do fire prevention measures when using a fiber laser cutting machine. First, before using a fiber laser cutting machine, be sure to check t

  • May
    [FAQ] The Reasons Why Fiber Laser Cutter do not out Light

    Why metal fiber laser cutting machine do not out light, here LEIMING LASER will give some reasons for fiber laser cutting machine do not out light and give some advises to solve the problem.

  • Apr
    [Video] LM3015G Fiber Laser Cutter for Stainless Steel Cut

    LM3015G metal fiber laser cutting machine dimension is 3000mm*1500mm, can process big size sheet metal with smooth cutting edge and high performance. Here is a video that shows our LM3015G fiber laser cutting machine to cut 2mm stainless steel.

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