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  • Nov
    [FAQ] How to judge the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine

    The cutting quality of fiber laser cutter machine is a matter of concern to the customers. If you want to cut a satisfactory sample, you need to use the laser cutting machine scientifically.

  • Oct
    [FAQ] The operation steps of fiber laser cutting machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine is an important cutting equipment which is widely used in metal processing industry. It is important for users to know how to use it. Let me introduce the specific operation steps.

  • Oct
    [FAQ] How to choose a fiber laser cutter with suitable power

    Different power fiber laser cutting machines have different cutting capabilities. So, how to choose a suitable power fiber laser cutting machine? Let me see.Let's take 500W and 1000W as examples, analyze it for you.

  • Oct
    [FAQ] Methods for reducing loss of fiber laser cutting machine

    When using a fiber laser cutting machine, in the case of guaranteeing its cutting qualitywe will try our best to reduce its loss to save costs. Is there any way to reduce its loss?

  • Aug
    [News] LEIMING LASER hope to see you at JM 2018

    Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition will be held from 2 to 6, August, 2018. LEIMING LASER will attend this exhibition in Qingdao International Expo Center. Welcome to our booth:E1-B46.This time we will take 4 sets fiber laser cutting machine to the exhibition.

  • Nov
    [News] Fiber laser cutter machine manufacturer in CIIF

    Today is the third day of China International Industry Fair. Fiber laser cutter machine manufacturer LEIMING exhibit 6 sets new designed fiber laser cutter machine at the show. Many customers are interested with our machine, we make a great success during the exhibition.

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