3000W high power fiber laser cutting machine

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  • Jul
    [Video] Shuttle platform fiber laser cutting machine LM3015A for metal

    LM3015A automatic feeding fiber laser cutting machine have shuttle platform to save time for feeding and laying off. Here is a video to show LM3015A shuttle table fiber laser cutting machine how to work. We are professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, our equipments have stable perform

  • Jul
    [Video] Medium Laser Power Fiber Laser Cutter for SS Cut

    750W medium laser power fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel up to 8mm, stainless steel up to 4mm, it also can cut high reflective metal materials such as aluminum, brass, etc. Here is a video to show LM3015G fiber laser cutting machine for 2mm stainless steel sheet. shipinFiber laser cu

  • Jun
    [Application] New Design Fiber Laser Cutting Machine LM3015AM3

    Yesterday, our sales manager Julia sold a LM3015AM3 fiber laser cutting machine. LM3015AM3 fiber laser cutting machine combines the features of LM3015M and LM3015A. This machine not only equip the gripper to cut metal pipes, but also have shuttle table to save time for feeding and laying off. LM3015

  • Jun
    [FAQ] The Solutions to Solve Edge Burning of Fiber Laser Cutter

    Fiber laser cutting machine will produce large amounts of heat when cutting sheet metal, under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will be spread along the slit into the processed sheet metal to get the full cooling. In the thick plate cutting, it may cause edge burning for heat accu

  • May
    [FAQ] Maintenance Methods of Air Compressor for Fiber Laser Cutter

    The air compressor is a component part of the metal laser cutting machine system. The maintenance methods of air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine are as follows.For the maintenance of motors, it is better to maintain them according to the instructions.Drain valves need to drain water and d

  • May
    [FAQ] The Reasons Why Fiber Laser Cutter do not out Light

    Why metal fiber laser cutting machine do not out light, here LEIMING LASER will give some reasons for fiber laser cutting machine do not out light and give some advises to solve the problem.

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