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  • Oct
    [News] Waiting for you at Canton Fair-LEIMING LASER

    China Canton Fair will be held from Oct. 15-19,2018 in China Import and Export Fair Exhibition hall. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth 1.1B19-20. Our information about this event is as follows.

  • Oct
    [News] New products conference -SENFENG LEIMING LASER

    Today, SENFENG and LEIMING LASER held a new products conference. All salesmen in our company attended this conference.

  • Oct
    [FAQ] How to install the galvanometer of fiber laser marker

    Yesterday, we learned about the steps to remove the galvanometer of fiber laser marker, today, lets talk about how to install it.First, install the Y motor and X motor, make sure they don't collide at any Angle.

  • Oct
    [FAQ] How to remove the galvanometer of fiber laser marker

    When fiber laser marking machine working for a long time, there may be problems that it can not mark correctly. The reason is that the galvanometer have problems. Then we should remove the galvanometer and send to designated maintenance office to do maintenance.

  • Sep
    [Application] The advantages of portable fiber laser marking machine

    Laser marking machine is used to mark signs or letters on metal and nonmetal materials which with dark colors,such as stainless steel,carbon steel,plastic,etc. Portable fiber laser marking machine has the following advantages which enables it to develop and expand in the market.

  • Sep
    [News] Here we are--LEIMING LASER military training

    Last weekend, SENFENG and LEIMING group held a 2 days military training. From this training, we gathered a lot. First, we learned the basic action such as standing at military posture, it is very difficult because we should stand in the sunlight and not move in half an hour.

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