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    [News] About LEIMING Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    LEIMING LASER provides a set of laser processing solutions and related facilities for domestic and foreign customers,Key products include:fiber laser cutting machine,laser welding machine,series and other series a variety of industrial laser equipment

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    [FAQ] Spare Parts of Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

    In order to ensure the normal use of G series fiber laser cutting machine, we must carry on the daily maintenance and maintenance of fiber laser cutting equipment.The whole fiber laser cutting machine due to the combination of high precision components,during routine maintenance must be careful,strictly in accordance with the operating rules and by hand for maintenance,not barbaric operation,so as to avoid damage to components. In principle,the user should be standing on spare parts:

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    [FAQ] Daily Maintenance for Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

    It is important of daily maintenance for metal fiber laser cutting machine ,which can prolong the life of the fiber laser machine. a)Check the laser,water chiller, water and pipes befor operating the machine ,make sure the parts are good condition. b)Check laser state button is damaged (check the indicator light), make sure emergency stop button of fiber laser cutting machine is normal. c)Check the X axis,Y axis,Z axis of the limit switch and the installation of the screw bolt is loose,the axis of the limit switch is sensitive. d)Check the switch table is sensitive (configuration switch table).

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    [FAQ] Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet

    G Series fiber laser cutting machine,the main components are:host machine part,control systems,laser device chiller,exhaust fan and so on.

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    [FAQ] Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

    Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the high-tech products for cutting metal sheet. Fiber laser cutting machine is used for cutting carbon steel plate,stainless steel plate,galvanized plate,aluminum alloy plate,copper and other materials

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    [FAQ] Fiber laser Cutting Machine Nozzle

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