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fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer--LEIMING LASERShandong LEIMING CNC Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd. is leading manufacturer of fiber laser cutting equipment,  providing professional metal machine for worldwide customers. Companies adhering to the concept'Making laser cutting equipment to be the essential of metal processing'.
LEIMING LASER is mainly engaged in the development,production and sales of fiber laser cutting machine. LEIMING LASER fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in precision machinery, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, chassis cabinets, electrical enclosures, sheet metal processing, kitchenware, stainless steel decoration,advertising signs,metal electronic components and other industries. Our fiber laser cutting machine have high precision and stable performance to ensure the cutting needs.

Fiber Laser Workshop

Fiber laser cutter workshop
LEIMING LASER  factory size is over 50,000 square meters.The ground was painted.Making a clean environment for fiber laser cutting machines' producing.
LEIMING LASER can supply you different kinds of fiber laser cutting machines used in all kinds of indsutries,like metal plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine,fiber laser cutting machine with shuttle (exchange working table) and other popular models.
Laser power can be from 300w,500 to 2kw,3kw,4kw,6kw and so on. Leiming fiber laser cutting machines can meet your requirements in different industries.
LEIMING LASER have CE /FDA/ ISO9001 certification,50+ patents.

LEIMING Customers

LEIMING LASER has been specialized in manufacturing fiber laser cutting machine for 15 years. Our fiber laser cutting machine sell well both at home and abroad. We have established a good cooperative relationship with manufacturers and distributors in lots of countries. Our fiber laser cutting machine are sold well in international markets such as America, European Union, Middle East, South Asia, South America, Russia, etc.


Fiber Laser Workshop


Fiber Laser Workshop


Why Choose Us

High Stability Fiber Laser

Stable and reliable optical system and control system,the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful.

3 Years Warranty

3 years machine warranty and 2 years guarantee period for fiber source
The warranty period of fiber module is 2 years,all other machine parts are 3 years .  
counting from the date on which the commodity arrives at the port of destination. - See more at:

Leading Manufacturer

With 15 years experience manufacture in laser cutting machine and strong research and design ability.

Support Team

More than 30 R&D and 35 technical Service & After Sales Engineer can provide technical support for the customer all over the world.

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