Z-axis of Fiber Laser Cutting Metal Machine

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 Host part is the most important part of fiber laser cutting metal  machine,is consist of the bed (X axis),beam (Y axis),Z axis,exchange platform (optional),table,gas line,water line and other components.
Function of Z-axis device in the fiber laser cutters:
Z-axis means to achieve the up & down movement of the cutting head portion.Up & down movement of the laser cutting head is by CNC system control servo motor, motor-driven ball screw drive Z-axis slide up and down reciprocating motion to complete,Z axis travel stroke is 120mm; upper and lower ends are used proximity switche to control the stroke, while both ends of the Ball have elastic cushion,ensure the safety of movement.Ball screws and linear guides are adopt of high-quality products,to ensure the accuracy of the drive.
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Z-axis can be used as a CNC axis make interpolation motion alone,and can joint motion with X,Y-axis,and can be switched to servo control by electronic control of the cutting head,to meet the needs of different situations.Since the Z-axis servo-controlled by the numerical control system,thus moving with relatively high accuracy,stability is better,so as to ensure the quality of cutting.Cutting head sealed and built in an elastic buffer to ensure that the life of the cutting head.
Z-axis device’s capacitive sensor (installed in the cutting head) detects the distance from the nozzle to plate surface after the signal back to the control system,then controlled by the control system Z axis motor drives the cutting head up and down motion,thereby controlling the nozzle unchanged from the sheet,effectively ensure the cutting quality.Adjusting the focal length of the cutting head has means,according to the material and thickness of the cut material to adjust the position of the focus,thereby obtaining good cutting section.
Nozzle is one of processing consumables,users can backup a number of different nozzle to facilitate replacement.
Z-axis have linear guides housing and screw seat’s greasing nozzle, it can be regularly greased.

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