Why the water temperature rises rapidly of fiber laser cutting machine?

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Water plays a key role in metal laser cutting machineWhen using fiber laser cutting machine, sometimes there is a phenomenon that the water temperature rises too fast.

What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

1.When working, the surrounding temperature is too high.

2.The working laser of the laser cutting machine is too large.

3.The fiber laser cutting machine has a long working time, and it is necessary to stop the machine properly.

4.The outlet pipe of the cooling water is not flowing properly, resulting in insufficient water flow.

 5.The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are dirty, and the water protection is blocked, which makes the water flow poor.

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All of the above are the reasons why the water temperature of the metal laser cutting machine rises rapidly. In fact, these methods are very simple, and the operations are not troublesome. If the customers does not operate machine properly, it may cause the water temperature to rise rapidly and alert, which will affect the processing.



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