Why Fiber Laser Cutter Release Intermittent Light

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Many times fiber laser cutting machine may release light without reason, it have a great impact on the production schedule. Why fiber laser cutting machine release intermittent light? The reasons are as follows.

1, caused by unstable power supply voltage, a regulator can be configured to stabilize the voltage.

2, caused by a serious deviation of the light path, then need to clean or replace the lenses, readjust the light path. 

3, caused by abnormal water circulation. At this time need to clean the water pump and water pipes, if necessary, replace the pump.

4, caused by abnormal water protection system. Need to replace water protection system.

5, caused by laser power or motherboard failure, then need to replace the corresponding parts. 


These are the possible causes of fiber laser cutting machine release intermittent light. If you want to know more knowledge about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.




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