Why Choose China Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

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In the sheet metal processing ,the cost of fiber laser cutting machine is much lower than co2 laser cutting machine ;When cutting the same thickness (eg 6mm) sheet,1.5kw fiber laser cutting machine cutting speeds equivalent to 3kw CO2 laser cutting machine cutting speed.
Therefore,when cutting sheet metal 10mm or less, many companies will choose fiber laser cutting machine.

As we all know that :
   1,fiber laser cutter can reduce the time and improve the quality of cutting material. Laser metal cutting machine is not only easy to operate, but also cutting fast and high accuracy.
   2, It's a green way to cut the metal, no pollution.
   3,the fiber laser cutting system are safe.The laser dont touch the metal materials with high cutting ability.
 4,High automation and flexibility.Laser cutting is easy to integrate with other automation systems,which can cut the metal sheet without second processing.

Many large foreign manufacturers of laser cutting equipment are good with stable bed and fast cutting speed,high precision,but the price is more expensive.Fortunately,now there are many Chinese manufactuer can produce high-quality fiber laser cutters,which developed a complete sales service system, reliable product quality.

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