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Yesterday, our Turkey customer Demark visited our factory to see our fiber laser cutter. Our sales manager Jackie received him.

Demark sells laser cutting machine in Turkey. He has strong ability to manufacture CO2 laser cutting machine, he also sells low power fiber laser cutting machine. This time he is looking for a high power fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer to cooperate. First, Jackie took him to our exhibition room. Our exhibition room have the newest fiber laser cutting machine. We display 12000W LM3015HM3 full protection fiber laser cutting machine in our show room. This machine also equip with gripper to cut metal pipes. We also display 6000W shuttle table fiber laser cutter LM3015A3 in the show room. Demark needs high power fiber laser cutting machine to meet more customers' cutting need, so Jackie recommend him to choose 6000W LM3015AM3 fiber laser cutting machine. 

LM3015AM3 fiber laser cutter can cut metal plates and pipes, it also have exchange table to save time for feeding and laying off. Customer can choose machine power from 1500W to 6000W. 6000W LM3015AM3 fiber laser cutter can cut 1mm to 14mm stainless steel and 1mm to 24mm carbon steel, it also can cut high reflective metal materials such as aluminum, brass, etc. This machine is specially applied in metal processing industries. Our engineer operated this machine to cut 20mm carbon steel, the cutting effect is very good and Demark is very satisfied with our machine. 


After looking the machine cutting, Jackie took Demark to our workshop. He introduced our workshop to Demark. We have two workshop. The one have two floors. The first floor are high power fiber laser cutting series. The second floor are LM2513G general fiber laser cutter. Another workshop mainly desply large size fiber laser cutting machine. Demark has a general understanding of our workshop. He will consider whether to cooperate with us.

 As a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, LEIMING LASER has established cooperative relations with many countries worldwide. We are looking for agents all over the world. Welcome to visit fiber laser cutter manufacturer--LEIMING LASER.




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