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China International Industry Fair will be held in 17th to 21st ,September. Since 1999, it has become the world-renowned industrial exhibition.

This year , the expo theme is "intelligent, interconnected - enabling industry new development". Intelligent, network has become the new trend of manufacturing industry. It not only reshaped production methods, given new momentum to the value of traditional industries, but also emerged industries and added new driving forces for industrial development.

The exhibition covers an area of 280,000 square meters, showing the latest technology, products and services of the industry.

China International Industry Fair-SENFENG LEIMING LASER

This year, SENFENG LEIMING LASER will attend the exhibition, booth area is 720 square meters. We will show 8 machines, including laser cutting machine, hanheld laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine. Among them, 1500w SF3015G fiber laser cutter is equipped with our independently developed laser device. The SF3015H4 is equipped with 15000w laser device. SF6020T is the professional metal tube laser cutting machine. We also show the 3D robot laser welding machine. 

In site, we will show you the whole cutting process. If any questions, engineers will answer you.

In addition, we have the ability to independently develop laser head and laser device with high quality. More details, welcome to click our website

Booth: NH-B001

Time: 17th - 21 st, September

Address: National Exhibition and Convention Center



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