Water Chiller of Fiber Laser Cuting Machine

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Cold water unit should be carried out regular maintenance,in order to ensure that fiber laser cutting machine is in good condition.If you are in trouble, you should ask professional technical personnel to carry out maintenance.
The daily maintenance of chiller for fiber laser cutters should pay attention to the following aspects:
a Regular cleaning and heat sink, cleaning method: brush to the heat sink carefully brushed,then use compressed air to blow.
b Regular cleaning of the condenser.
c Regularly check the water level in the water tank of the cold water unit, if the water level is too low, the water should be added in a timely manner.
d Regularly check the terminal of the electrical equipment.e Regularly check the water system in the joint water leakage,the pipeline is aging, if there is leakage phenomenon should be timely replacement of the relevant components.

water chiller
f Regularly check water chiller water tank of water, if cooling water quality is variable,turbidity,a decline of transparency,to timely modification of cooling water drain off,the replacement of the new cooling water.
g Clean the filter elements on a regular filter impurities,if the filter is damaged,replaced in a timely manner,the filter must be replaced by the manufacturers requirements of the standard filter.

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