The usages and warnings of the laser nozzle

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Nozzle mainly prevent molten material from bouncing up into the cutting head and damaging the focusing lens.

As a consumable part of the fiber laser cutting machine, the nozzle is short-lived. In the process of using laser cutting machine, if consumers don't pay attention to maintain it, the service life will be even shorter.

So how can we conserve and maintain the nozzle?

                                   fiber laser cutting nozzle

First, before using the nozzle, don't open its original container and please store in a dry place. Otherwise, it is easy to be oxidized and discolored.

Then, when changing the nozzle, don't touch the interior conical surface with hands or sharp metals. Besides, you can remove it slightly by toothpicks if there have foreign matters inside the nozzle such as copper wire.

Finally, wipe off the molten materials attached to the nozzle surface by clean soft cloth after every use, then seal the nozzle exit with tape. Or unscrew the nozzle, wipe it from inside to outside with a dust-free cloth, put it into a seal bag and store in the storage cabinet.

                                  fiber laser cutting machine

It is not enough just to use the machine, but also to learn to maintain it. Only in this way can its greatest utility be realized.

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