The reasons why the marking effect is uneven

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In the marking process, sometimes the marking effect will be uneven. 

Under these circumstances,  fiber laser marking machine may has the following problems.

1.Laser output spot is blocked.

Laser output head, fixed fixture and galvanometer are not adjustedPart of the spot is blocked when the laser passes through the vibrating lens.This may also result in uneven results.

2.Thermal lens phenomenon.

When the laser passes through the optical lens, it will cause the lens to generate heat and produce a slight deformation. This deformation causes the laser focus to rise and the focus to be shorter. Thereby changing the laser energy density on the material.

3.The machine is not on a horizontal line.

Since the laser lens is not parallel to the processing table, the length of the laser beam passing through the field lens and reaching the workpiece is inconsistent. The energy of the laser falling on the workpiece will have inconsistent energy density.

4.Caused by the marked material.

Marking materials are sensitive to the response of laser energy. Usually under the same material, the laser energy reaches a material damage threshold is certain. When the thickness of the material coating is different, or some other physicochemical treatment processes are not uniform enough, it will also cause unevenness of the effect after laser marking.

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So if you have the probelm with your fiber laser marking machine, you can check the above reasons.

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