The operation steps of fiber laser cutting machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine is an important cutting equipment which widely used in metal processing industry. It is important for users to know how to use it. Let me introduce the specific operation steps. 

1.    Identify the materials to be cut, fix the metal material on the machine, ensure that the material is placed steady.

2.    Operate the console, input the cutting pattern and other parameters, then adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position, adjust the nozzle to center.

3.    Start the voltage regulator and water chiller, set up the water chiller temperature and pressure.

4.    Start the fiber laser generator and turn on the machine.

fiber laser cutting machine

Although the above four steps are very brief, it takes a lot of time to practice in the actual operation process. To know more using details about our fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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