The installation training and after-sale service of fiber laser cutter

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As a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, LEIMING LASER provides free installation training and after-sale service to our customers. In order to ensure the machine have stable performance, customers must be prepared for the following content when installing the equipment. 

Confirm the fiber laser cutting machine installation site;

Confirm the power supply, socket, air source is ready in the workshop.

Workshop environment requirement:

Storage temperature range:10-45 degrees, relative humidity: 45%-85%.

These matters should be attention: no flammable and explosive, no volatile solvent, no dust, no smoke, no corrosion.

Relevant personnel requirements

Operators should have a certain working experience and computer skills; 

Equipment maintenance person should be able to operate computer system skillfully. 

The transportation and installation of fiber laser cutting machine.

According to the contract, our company transport machine to the user specified installation location in time, and send technical service engineer installation on-site. Our technical service engineer will install machine in 3-5 days and debug the machine in good condition. 


Equipment debugging and customer training

Equipment debugging: Our engineer should inform that the customer prepare the relevant materials required for debugging the machine before debugging equipment. 

The customer should provide our engineer with reasonable process parameters, so that our service staff is clear on the goal when debugging the equipment.

Customer training

We will provide our customers with a period of two working days of business training. Training content including: CypCut drawing operation, equipment operation, daily maintenance, trouble shooting, etc.

Drawing operation

Using our company's laser cutting system to operate the fiber laser cutter and cut a variety of patterns on the workpiece.

Equipment operation

Starting and closing sequence of equipment and matters should attention. Set up the data of the equipment, including current, frequency, mode, etc.  Safety issues in equipment operation.

Daily maintenance of equipment including equipment maintenance and optical path maintenance. 

After-sale service of LEIMING LASER


Free warranty for two years (except for the protective lens, nozzle and other vulnerable parts), maintenance for life time. 

Warranty period start from the date of acceptance. During the warranty, our company will be free to repare the failure of machine.  

Service after the warranty period: our Company can provide service after the warranty period. Charges include personnel service fees and parts costs.

Our Company will conduct regular visits or telephone interviews, to understand the customer's equipment usage.

These are the installation training and after-sale service of LEIMING LASER. We have rich experience in manufacturing fiber laser cutter, to learn more details about LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


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