The installation process of fiber laser cutting machine LM3015G

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Many customers choose our fiber laser cutting machine to process metal sheet. After the equipment shipped to the destination, our engineers will go to customers' country to install the machine. Here is a video to show the installation process of fiber laser cutting machine LM3015G.

1. Install metal plate which is at the right side of the beam and assemble the guide oil circuit. 

2. Install metal plates which are at the two sides. 

3. Install the tank chain stand-by and tank chain slot. 

4. Assemble and install the tank chain.

5. Install the metal plate which is at the left side of beam and assemble emergency stop switch.

6. Install the fan outer shell.

7. Assemble and install the master switch which is at the right side of the fiber laser cutting machine. 

8. Assemble the dust proof cover.

9. Allow wire which is in the machine to pass through the hole at right side of the machine.

10. Disassemble the wire conduit and remember the disassembling order. 

11. Insert the wire into the conduit in turn and to assemble wire conduit.

12. Depart the computer screen back cover.

13. Assemble the computer screen.

14. Connect the corresponding wire.

15. Connect the line head to screen in accordance with the line number.

16. Open USB and install back cover, unpack upper cover of fiber.

17. Stretch the fiber carefully and do not step on the fiber laser source. Determine the length of the extended fiber according to the actual requirement. Laser source and take our the fiber laser source carefully.

18. Allow the fiber wire to pass through the preset hole and reach the position of the laser head through the tank chain. In attention, when you pass through fiber wire, you should be careful not to bend fiber wire too much.

19. Remove the laser head attachment and depart the laser head. 

20. Check if the laser head inside is clean or not. If not clean, clean the fiber cutting head with professional cleaning paper.

21. Connect fiber head and laser cutting head, two red points on the heads should be aligned, and then locked. 

22. Combine the two heads, connect the water chiller pipe, note: fiber laser cutting head water cycle part one inlet and one outlet.

23. Connect the gas tube and install the amplifier and wire.

24. Assemble the protective cover of fiber laser source. 

25. Inlet of laser source connect with outlet(L) of water chiller, outlet of laser source connect with inlet(L) of water chiller. (Inner cycle, laser source and water chiller cycle)

26. Inlet(H) of water chiller connects with inlet of machine, outlet(H) of water chiller connects with the outlet of machine. (Outside cycle, from water chiller to laser head)

27. Water chiller water injection hole. Water chiller liquid level line.

28. Connect power wire of water chiller then connect the water chiller power supply which at the back of the machine.

29. Connect and install the oxygen device.

30. Connect and install the nitrogen device.

These are the installation process of fiber laser cutting machine LM3015G. If you have any questions about the installation process of fiber laser cutting machine, free to contact us.


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