The influence of gas pressure on fiber laser cutter cutting effect

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The gas plays an important role when use fiber laser cutter to cut metal sheet. It has cooling and protection functions. Oxygen gas has the effect of burning and cooling, it can blow off the fissure produced by cutting in time. The gas pressure also influences the cutting effect. The concrete influence are as follows.

1. When the pressure of the cutting gas is insufficient, it may produce burrs, the cutting speed is slow, greatly influencing the working efficiency of fiber laser cutter. 

2. When the pressure of the cutting gas is too high, it will cause too high airflow, the cutting surface is rough and the kerf is wider. At the same time, it will cause the melt of the section part cut off, can not form a good cutting section. 

The gas pressure also have influence on the perforation.    

1. When the gas pressure is too low, it is difficult for laser to penetrate to the metal sheet, increasing the drilling time and resulting in low productivity.

2. When the gas pressure is too high, it may lead to melt of the penetration point, forming a large melting point, thus affecting the fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality.

3. When using fiber laser cutting machine to drill holes, we usually use high gas pressure to cut thin metal sheet, while use low gas pressure to cut thick metal sheet. 


When cut carbon steel, the thicker the material, the pressure of the cutting gas is relatively lower. When cutting stainless steel, regardless of the thickness of the metal sheet, the gas pressure is always in a high pressure state. 

These are the influences of gas pressure on fiber laser cutter cutting effect. If you want to learn more details about fiber laser cutter, do not hesitate to contact us.


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