The first talent show in SENFENG LEIMING group

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Last Saterday, SENFENG and LEIMING group held a talent show successfully. All the staves of the international marketing department attended the talent show. Let's take a look at our talent contest.

1.Ocarina solo

Our LEIMING sales manager Jackie blowed ocarina. He is very versatile and got a resounding round of applause.


2. Magic

Our sales supervisor in foreign trade department Cindy performed a magic, very amaing, her magic show have a strong appeal to us.


3. Dance

Our international marketing department performed a group dance. We are very happy that our colleagues gave us thunderous applause applause. We enjoy dancing and very happy.


We also have singing programs, cross talk show and so on. From this talent show, We relaxed our mood. Thanks for company that we have a chance to show our talent. We will continue providing good service to our customers. If you are interested with SENFENG LEIMING group, just contact us as soon as possible.

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