The effect of nozzle diameter to fiber laser cutter cutting quality

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Fiber laser cutter cutting quality are affected by many factors, today i will introduce the effect of nozzle diameter on fiber laser cutter cutting quality. 

The size of nozzle diameter have an absolute effect on the quality of the fiber laser cutter cutting and perforation. When the nozzle diameter is larger, the relative protection of the focus lenses are worse. At the same time, the nozzle quality also have effect to the cutting quality. 

At present, the common dimensions of nozzle diameter have 2 kinds Ф1.5 nozzle、Ф2 nozzle, the difference between  Ф1.5 nozzle、Ф2 nozzle are as follows. When use fiber laser cutting machine to cut thin metal sheet, we need to use Ф1.5 nozzle, the cutting surface will be fine, if use Ф2 nozzle, the cutting surface will be rough. When cutting thick metal sheet, if use Ф1.5 nozzle, because the gas diffusion area is small, therefore may lead fiber laser cutting machine instability. If you use Ф2 nozzle, the gas diffusion area is big, gas flow velocity is slow, therefore, the machine have more stable performance.


When use oxygen to cut carbon steel, we usually use double nozzle, when use nitrogen to cut stainless steel, we usually use single nozzle, the choose of nozzle diameter depend on the gas and cutting thickness. These are the effect of nozzle diameter on fiber laser cutter cutting quality.


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