The benefits of using a LM3015M metal fiber laser cutting machine

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Nowadays, there are many machine tool to process thin metal materials, such as plasma cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine, but when compared with the cutting accuracy, fiber laser cutter have a higher accuracy than plasma laser cutter. The benefits of using a LM3015M metal fiber laser cutting machine are as follows.

First, LM3015M fiber laser cutting machine adopt professional laser optical system and imported lens to ensure the machine have stable performance. Next,  LM3015M metal plates and pipes fiber laser cutting machine have less energy consumption and low cost, it is a cost-effective product. Then, this machine have fast cutting speed and low noise, and the cutting speed is up to 30m/min when cutting sheet; seam deformation is small, the appearance is smooth, beautiful. 


The benefits of using a metal fiber laser cutting machine are numerous, LEIMING LASER is a professional fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer, we provide good performance fiber laser cutter to customers, if you have questions about 

our machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


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