The application of fiber laser cutting machine in food machinery industry

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Food machinery is one of the products that are in direct contact with food processing. Its quality directly affects food safety.

The traditional processing method is low efficiency, high mold cost.

Compared with traditional processing technology, fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages in food machinery production.

1.  Health and Safety : Laser cutting is a kind of non-contact processing, so it is clean and suitable for food machinery production.

2. Thin cutting seam: Laser cutting slits are generally between 0.10 and 0.20 mm.

3. Smooth cutting surface:The cutting surface is burr-free. It can cut plates in various thicknesses, and the cross-section is smooth. So there is no need secondary processing.

4. High speed: It greatly increases production efficiency.

5. Suitable for development of new product. Once the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be performed immediately.

6. Save material: The laser processing adopts computer programming, which can carry out the cutting of materials of different shapes, maximize the utilization of materials and reduce the production cost of food machinery.

Full protection fiber laser cutting machine

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