The Thirteenth China IEME Show-LEIMING LASER

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China International Equipment Manufacturing Industry Expo will be held in Mar. 9th-12th at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in Tianjin. LEIMING LASER will attend this show. Welcome to visit our Booth: N6-E07.


On this IEME show, we will take 4 main products to this show. LM3015G metal fiber laser cutting machine, LM3015H full-protection auto feeding fiber laser cutting machine, LM3015M metal plates and pipes fiber laser cutting machine and auto feeding fiber laser cutting machine LM3015A.

Our fiber laser cutting machine have stable performance and are specially used for cutting thin metal materials. LEIMING LASER insist in proving good fiber laser cutting machine to our customers.

Welcome to visit our booth: N6-E07.

Time: Mar. 9th-12th,2017

Add: Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center

If you are interested in our show, do not hesitate to visit this show.


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