The Solutions to Solve Fiber Laser Cutter Break Down

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Fiber laser cutting machine may break down sometimes, if you find it break down, we should take measures to maintain the machine. Here are some solutions to solve fiber laser cutting machine break down. 

One, fiber laser cutting machine is not running. Check whether the machine power switch is open; check whether the power cord is connected to the power plug, check whether the power panel is open.

Two, the pump can not work. Check whether the fiber laser cutting machine circulatory system is blocked. Check the liquid level of entire system, to ensure that the pump is able to receive liquid. Check whether the pump motor can run.

Three, without refrigeration or insufficient cooling. Check whether the voltage is too low or too high, check whether too much heat is transferred to the machine cooling liquid, as it will lead to more than refrigeration system cooling capacity.

Four, the pump suction is insufficient. Check whether the fiber laser cutting machine connection tube is restricted, whether the voltage is too low or the fluid viscosity is too high. 


When we maintain the fiber laser cutting machine, we should be sure to use the correct method, if the maintenance method is not correct, it will cause damage to the machine. If you want to know more knowledge about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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