The Reasons of Choose LEIMING Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Nowadays, fiber laser cutting  machine is widely used in various industries, there are many fiber laser cutter manufacturers in China, which one can satisfying customers demands? LEIMING laser has been engaged in researching, manufacturing, selling fiber laser equipment for 14 years. Our fiber laser cutting machine can satisfying customers. The reasons of choose LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine are as follows.

1 Our fiber laser cutting machine uses servo laser head to move freely. This design improves the working efficiency.
2 Our machine adopts professional controlling system which can continue and optimize the cutting speed to ensure the cutting effect.
3 We uses imported original Germany high performance CNC system, servo motors and high presion gear and rack to improve the cutting speed. 
4 It adopts oil-water separation filter to purify and compress air, this design not only ensures the normal working but also protects the environment.


It is worthy to choose   LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine, we also have reliable after-sale service, for more details about our fiber laser cutter, please feel free to contact us.

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