The Reasons Why Fiber Laser Cutter do not out Light

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Why metal fiber laser cutting machine do not out light, here LEIMING LASER will give some reasons for fiber laser cutting machine do not out light and give some advises to solve the problem. 

1, check whether the water is properly circulating, if the water protection is broken, can be used in short water protection.

2, point preset, see if the ampere meter swing, if do not swing, using the multimeter to measure whether the laser power supply is in power, if there is no light, the power failure may need to be replaced.

3, a noise inside the laser power supply may because the power connector poor contact, welding or connection again, then blow the dirt out of the power.


These are the reasons why fiber laser cutting machine do not out light, and we should remember the measures to solve the problems. Want to know more maintenance measures just contact us soon.


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