The Reasons Why Fiber Laser Cutter Power Drop Down

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In the long-term use of fiber laser cutting machine, there may exist more or less loss, such as cutting speed is slow, etc. Many people think that the laser power is down. There are many reasons that affect the power of fiber laser cutter, not necessarily the problem of lasers. The reasons whyfiber laser cutter power drop down are as follows.

The first is the focal position, the focal position affects the cutting accuracy, especially the focal spot diameter. The focal spot diameter should be as small as possible to produce a narrow slit.

Next is the distance of the nozzle. The distance between the workpiece and the nozzle also affects the power loss of the fiber laser cutting machine.

Then the cutting speed also affect the laser power. The cutting speed is proportional to the power of the fiber laser cutting machine.


Auxiliary gas also influence the fiber laser power. If the first 4 items have been ruled out, it is considered that the laser power down. Those are the reasons why fiber laser cutter power drop down. If you want to know more information about fiber laser cutting machine, you can contact us soon.


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