The Reasons Why Fiber Laser Cutter Cut Workpiece Produce Burr

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The Reasons Why Fiber Laser Cutter Cut Workpiece Produce Burr When use fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal workpiece, it may produce burr for many reasons. The reasons why fiber laser cutterproduce burr are as follows. 

The upper and lower directions of the laser focus are incorrect, it need to do the orientation test, adjust according to the offset of the focus.  

The laser power is not correct, check whether the operation steps of the laser generator is normal. If it is normal, then check whether the output value is correct, then try to adjust.

The line speed is too slow, it need to increase the line speed in the control.

The purity of auxiliary gas does not work, then need to supply high quality incision operating gas.

If the machine running time is too long to show the instability, it need to shut down to restart. 


These are the reasons why fiber laser cutter produce burr when cut workpiece. We sell stable performance fiber laser cutting machine all over the world, any questions about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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