The Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine Advantage

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 As we know,the fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in metal sheet industry,because of high precision,high speed and long usage life.

The details of advantage of metal sheet laser cutting machine:
a.Professional laser optical lens system and imported lens,stable and reliable ( warranty of laser device are two years)
b.Highly efficient and stable programming and control systems, easy to learn, compatible with variety of CAD drawing formats,intelligent nesting to save costs, automatic cutting path (donated automatic nesting software),save processing time.
metal fiber laser cutting
c.Without molds,flexible processing,meet the requirements of various shaped workpieces and no need to process second time.
d.High cutting efficiency,high cutting quality,no noise;high efficiency,cut sheets 30 metersevery minutes;good cutting edge quality, small deformation,smooth appearance, beautiful cutting edge;
e.Imported high-precision servo motor,rail,rack and pinion
,ensuring the processing efficiency and precision,while greatly improving the stability and reliability of fiber laser equipment .

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