The Function of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Auxiliary Gas

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There is a difference between the auxiliary gas used in the machining of different materials by fiber laser cutting machines. If the cutting thickness is different, the auxiliary gas pressure and requirements are not the same. 

Fiber laser cutting machine auxiliary gas mainly used in laser gas, compressed air and auxiliary gas. Laser gas is used to produce laser in laser generator; compressed air is used to protect the light path. Cutting carbon steel with oxygen, its purity requirements are generally 99.5%. The main role is to help the combustion and blow off the slag. From the cost, cutting carbon steel with oxygen is relatively cheap. 


Pressure and flow of each fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers are not the same, which is different from the size of the cutting nozzle, cutting material thickness. If you want to know more information about fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact LEIMING LASER.


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