The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine - Automatic Tracing-edge

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 When cutting the large format metal sheet,the metal sheet should be paralleled with the X axis of laser cutting tools.It's low efficiency,big error and waste materials.While the fiber laser cutting machine used the function of automatic tracing-edge,make cutting simple,high accuracy, short time-consuming,which improve work efficiency.
When use the fiber laser cutting machine,the worker clikc the button :automatic tracing -edge ,few seconds the device will calculate angle of the plate,and the laser machine coordinate system will rotate to ensure that the X direction and sheet metal edge parallel to the direction.
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a:system components
The funtion of automatic tracing-edge required hardware includes CNC,servo control,linear drives,sensors.
 b:automatic tracing-edge function
  Able to perceive the inclination angle of the sheet and the origin,you can adjust the cutting program to fit the angle and position,avoiding waste.
automatic tracing-edge function is good for the fiber laser cutting machine when cutting large format and thick sheet metal,improve production efficiency ,giving users objective interests.

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