The Control System of LEIMING Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

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The important parts of fiber laser cutting equipment are the fiber device ,  mechanical system and control system.LEIMING laser adopt Cypcut laser cutting system with high reliability and stability,has gradually developed to form the most simple and refined the system.
Specific functions are as follows:
1 Professional laser cutting operating system, multi-language (including Chinese) interface, easy to operate;
2 AC servo drive system and AC servo motor, reliable performance, fast response, maintenance-free;
3 Short response time of the cutting head.
4  The fiber laser cutting system  with function of retract cut;
5 Linear / circular interpolation and cutting compensation function;
6 Has USB and broadband access, facilitate the realization of laser cutting machine communication, easy transfer of file;
7 Equipped with professional laser cutting automatic programming software, the software has manual or automatic nestingof cutting function;

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