The Comparison between Fiber Laser Cutter and CO2 Laser Cutter

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Fiber laser cutting technology have appeared in nearly 3 to 5 years. Although many companies have just begun to know this technology, they began to realize the difference between fiber laser cutter and CO2 laser cutter. With the development of cutting technology, fiber laser cutting has became one of the industry's most advanced technology. 

Fiber laser cutting machine have highly cutting speed, it is the 2 times by CO2 laser cutting machine under the same power. Fiber laser cutting machine have high efficiency of photoelectric conversion of which fiber laser cutting machine is 3 times higher than CO2 laser cutting machine, saving the energy and protecting environment. Fiber laser cutting machine also have low using cost. The power consumption of whole machine is only 20-30% of CO2 laser cutting machine under same power.


Fiber laser cutting machine is more environmental compared to CO2 laser cutting systems. If you are interested in our fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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