The Common Accessories of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine have many common accessories, those accessories will be replaced according to the using time and loss. The common accessories of fiber laser cutting machine are as follows.

Reflector. The reflective lenses act as tail mirrors and reflex mirrors for use in the laser cavity as well as beam steering in the beam delivery system. 

Beam expander lens. A beam expander is a lens assembly capable of changing the diameter and divergence angle of the laser beam. 

Protective lens. The main function of the laser protective lens is to prevent the splash of the object and prevent the damage of the lens. 

Brass mouthpiece. It can help the rapid discharge of gas, can protect the focus lens. 


Those are the common accessories of fiber laser cutting machine. If you need those accessories, do not hesitate to contact LEIMING LASER.


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