The Attentions of Fiber Laser Cutter When Drilling Holes

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When using fiber laser cutting machine to drill holes, there are many things should be attention. 

First, round holes are to small. The larger the aperture, the better the cutting ability. The laser cutting machine with insufficient ability will produce irregular holes and many broken points when cut small holes.

Second, gas pressure is too big or too small. The gas pressure is too large can blast holes, if to small will appear rough cutting edge. Choosing proper gas pressure is one of the methods to solve the 

irregular hole cutting.

Third, adjust servo motor parameters well. Improper parameters can cause irregular figure in the cutting holes. 

Another things should be noticed is screw or guide rail accuracy is not enough. It may lead the holes accuracy can not meet the requirements. 


These are the attentions should pay attention to when drilling holes. If you want to know more details about LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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