The Approaches to Prolong Fiber Laser Cutter Life

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Fiber laser cutting machine is consist of many spare parts. The approach to prolong fiber laser cutter life is to maintenance the spare parts regularly. 

First, the maintenance of the fiber laser generator. Check the function of the shutter regularly before starting the fiber laser generator each time. Replace the mixture gas every three days. Check the gas pressure of the mixed gas every week. 

Second, bearing oil. Fiber laser cutting machine using a large number of bearings, in order to ensure a good cutting effect, some bearings need regular refueling.

Third, put the linear guide with lubricating oil. Using a fiber laser cutting machine for a period of time may produce smoke, dust on the rail, it may corrosive the rail, so we should maintain the guide rail regularly.


These are the approaches to prolong fiber laser cutting machine life. Fiber laser cutting machine need to maintenance regularly. For more informaion about our fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


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