The Advantages of Automatic Focusing Fiber Laser Cutter cutting Head

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LEIMING LASER not only manufacture low power fiber laser cutting machine, we also manufacture medium and large power fiber laser cutting machine to meet different cutting needs. In case to improve high power fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality, we use automatic focusing cutter cutting head instead of manual cutting head. The advantages of automatic focusing fiber laser cutter cutting head are as follows. 

First, punching speed is two times faster than manual focus. It can punch stainless steel holes a few seconds, the punching time for carbon steel depend on laser power.

Second, automatic focusing head fiber laser cutter do not need manual adjustment, set parameters in the system can be used directly, convenient and quickly.

Third, it can reduce after-sale service expenses. There is no need to teach the customer how to use the cutting head to adjust the focus position, customer can learn easily. 

Fourth, it can reduce maintenance cost. Automatic focus protection lenses life are longer than manual focus protection lenses.

Fifth, automatic focusing head fiber laser cutting machine can improve cutting efficiency. 


These are the advantages of automatic focus fiber laser cutting machine cutting head. If you want to learn more knowledge about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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