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Today, we receive an inquiry from India customer Joses. In his e-mail, he said he wants a steel laser cutting machine to cut 20mm carbon steel. Our sales manager Judy reply him in 10 minutes.

Joses wants to buy a environment protecting equipments. Judy recommended him to choose high power full protection fiber laser cutting machine to cut. Our 3000W fiber laser cutting machine can cut up to 20mm carbon steel and our 4000W machine can cut up to 22mm carbon steel, and the cutting effect is more good than 3000W. So Judy recommended 4000W full cover fiber laser cutting machine LM3015H to him. 


Joses is doing metal processing business, improve processing efficient is very important to him. Our full cover fiber laser cutting machine have high cutting speed and equip with exchange table. It can save time for feeding and laying off, greatly improve the cutting efficiency.  Juses said he will visit our factory to see this model machine next month. LEIMING LASER is a professional steel laser cutting machine manufacturer. If you also need fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal sheet, fell free to contact us, our sales manager will try their best to provide good service for you.


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