Steel Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Steel tube fiber laser cutting machine is used to cut thin thickness metal tube. It have large processing area to satisfy the demand of metal plates and pipes cutting. LM3015M steel tube fiber laser cutting machine have many advantages when cutting metal tube.

LM3015M metal plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine equip the gripper for cutting pipe materials, it can drill with intersecting line and cut off the cylindrical metal pipe, the pipe cutting diameter is from 20mm to 250mm, it is good for broadening the utilization ratio of equipment. It can cut the square holes and waist holes on the round tube. It also can cut various shapes patterns on the square tube surface.


LM3015M fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for precision cutting of all kinds of metal sheet materials. For more details about LM3015M steel tube fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us as soon as possible.


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