Spare Parts of Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

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In order to ensure the normal use of G series  fiber laser cutting machine, we must carry on the daily maintenance and maintenance of fiber laser cutting equipment.The whole fiber laser cutting machine due to the combination of high precision components,during routine maintenance must be careful,strictly in accordance with the operating rules and by hand for maintenance,not barbaric operation,so as to avoid damage to components.
In principle,the user should be standing on spare parts:
a)acetone:Purity 99.5%, water less than 0.3%, capacity 500ml a bottle.
b)Absorbent cotton: 5 packs.
c)Alcohol: 500ml, more than 99.5% purity.
d)Lens paper: 5.
e)Inflatable ball: 1.
f)Dropper needle: 1(medical).
g)Cotton stick: 2 bags.
h)Million with a table: 1
laser cutting machine parts

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