Sheet Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Cold -rolled sheet is popular with good quality,high dimensional accuracy,coupled with annealing treatment,process performance are superior to hot-rolled steel sheet, which will replace the hot -rolled sheet.The cold -rolled sheet is not more than 4mm thickness so  the sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine can cut the sheet with high speed and high precision.

Cold-rolled plate are widely used in manufacturing, while on the processing requirements are very high,but cold-rolled sheet metal cutting machines,the choice is very limited.Traditional punch machine is not meet the accuracy, other factors is expensive mold defects the cutting time .

  metal sheet laser cutting
Fiber laser cutting machine be transmitted through the fiber,more flexibility than ever before,easy maintenance,very fast,the fiber laser cutting machine can cut cold -rolled metal sheet  within the sheet 4mm with many advantage,high speed and high precision and aintenance-free .

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