Safety Precautions for use of Fiber Laser Cutter

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Fiber laser cutting machine is a machine to cut thin metal materials. Using fiber laser cutting machine need to pay attention to these safety precautions. 

1, comply with safety operation rules for fiber laser cutting machines. In strict accordance with the fiber laser cutting machine to start the program, test machine. 

2, operator must be familiar with the cutting software, master the operating system knowledge. 

3, Wearing protective supplies as required, wearing protective glasses in the vicinity of the laser beam.

4, If we find abnormal in the process, we should immediately stop the fiber laser cutting machine, removal of fault or report to supervisor.

5, When working, pay attention to the running condition of the machine, in order to avoid the machine out of the effective range.


These are parts of safety precautions for use of fiber laser cutting machine. For more details about our fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.


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