Quality Detection System for Leiming Fiber Laser

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The popular of fiber laser cutter owe to its fast speed and high precision on cutting metal.Is every machine with high precision?Of course not.To make sure the top quality of laser cutter,leiming has developed a quality detection system for fiber lasermachines.
Under the quality control,every small part is detected step by step,the precision of guide rail can be in 0.03mm,and the depth of parallelism of rack and guide rail is in strict control.

fiber laser quality

Leiming adopt the high-end  laser interferometer to measure the dynamic quality of the machine body,the positioning and repeat positioning accuracy,trace displacement accuracy ;to test and analize machine vibration,the dynamic analysis of the ball screw,the drive system and guide rail dynamic analysis.
The measurement results can reach the nanometer level; the use of high-precision environmental compensation module to solve the temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, material temperature and other environmental factors on the measurement results; the use of laser thermal frequency control system to ensure long-term precision fiber laser frequency accuracy.
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