Protection of Fiber Laser Cutting Equipments

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 High-power fiber laser cutting equipments with laser radiation are harmful to human body,so the security measures of the entire system becomes extremely important
The follows are the protection section when using the fiber laser cutting equipments:
◆Laser section marked with the safety icon, indicates that the laser is outputting,
◆The whole machine is grounded to avoid electrocution.
◆The operator should wear laser protective eyeglasses during the entire operation.
◆ It is prohibited to look directly into the laser while its working;
◆ With emergency stop switch, the laser machine can be stopped immediately in case of emergency.
◆ Three-color status indicator to display laser equipment operating condition.

fiber laser cutting
 External fiber protection.
◆ Use quality imported slide pulley and stopper to fix and guide laser cable;
◆ Use special laser protective material to prevent from laser leakage;
◆ Fiber transmission protective cover comes with a laser leakage protection,if the laser fiber breakage resulting in leakage,laser leak sensor can monitor it and stop laser output and alarm.

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